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JB Products, Inc. is a ISO9001:2008 certified company offering excellent craftsmanship, expert knowledge in the field and exceptional hands on assistance from our staff. JB Products, Inc. was started in 1974 and we moved into our new facility in 2012. Our 30,000 sq. ft. facility is ready to produce product that specifically addresses your needs.

Polyurethane ...

Polyurethane hardness relies on the molecular structure which can be manufactured from 30 shore A to 70 shore D.

Polyurethane has a high load bearing capacity in tension and compression. Polyurethane can change in shape under a heavy load but will return to its original shape as soon as the load is removed.

Polyurethanes can bond to a variety of materials like plastic, metal and wood.

Polyurethanes have a high tear resistance along with high tensile properties.

You can add color pigment to polyurethanes while manufacturing the part. Ultraviolet (UV) inhibitor can be added to decrease color fading.

Polyurethanes are resistant to water, oil and grease.

Polyurethane is ideal to use in a variety of temperatures and environments.

Polyurethane is very economical and can be used to make prototypes to production runs. Our urethane part range in size from a couple of grams to 100+ plus pounds.